Wasetwater treatment products Aquaculture, Industrial and domestic wastewater treatment

Pure Aquatics, our affiliates and suppliers offer a range of equipment, design and consultation services for waste water treatment systems.

We can supply waste water equipment, design and consultation services for:

  • Nitrification
  • De-nitrification
  • Solids thickening, concentration, de-watering and treatment
  • BOD and COD reduction
  • Drum filter wastewater remediation
  • Aquaculture wastewater remediation for reuse and discharge
  • Sterilisation by ozone and UV
  • DAF – dissolved air flotation by Foam Fractionation
  • Aeration systems

Pure Aquatics range of products for wastewater treatment include –

  • AST Recirculating Polygeysers (RCPG) for ammonia, BOD and TSS removal
  • AST High Profile Polygeysers for solids concentration and denitrification
  • Bead filters for drum filter wastewater treatment
  • Constructed water gardens, reed beds and Aquaponics systems for nutrient reduction and utilisation
  • Post treatment system for sterilisation, clarification and treatment before re-introduction to the culture system
  • Pre-filtration systems for incoming water treatment
  • Ozone generators and contact vessels for clarification, removal or dissolved waste compounds and sterilisation
  • RK2 Foam Fractionators for fine solids removal
  • UV Sterilisers for algae and disease control
  • Aeration system for degassing, oxygenation, water circulation, de-stratification and extensive water remediation

Foam Fractionators - DAF

MBBR media

UV sterilisers

Bead filters - Nitrogen, BOD and COD treatment

Colorite Aerotube, Oxygenation and mixing