Pure Aquatics Aquaculture products

Welcome to the Pure Aquatics Aquaculture products page. Pure Aquatics are the representatives of many quality suppliers and are able to offer you a wide range of products and services from suppliers both nationally and internationally.

To see our list of suppliers and affiliates please follow the below link to our affiliates page.




Sand Filters

Protein Fractionators

UV Sterilisers

Bead Filters

Ozone Generators

Drum Filters

Fluid Bed Filters

Water quality monitoring

Aeroqual Ambient Ozone monitors

Ionix Monitors

YSI monitoring


Esam Blowers

Hiblow linear compressors

Colorite Aerotube

Greenco Side Channel Blowers


Speck Saltwater pumps

Temperature Control

Toyesi heat pumps

Harvesting, grading, counting

Fish pumps, counters, graders