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Oxygen concentrators

Oxygen concentrators are a versatile and reliable way to add oxygen to aquaculture system, and oxygen concentrators are highly beneficial when operating ozone generators. By drying the air alone the performance of an ozone generator is increased above using atmospheric air, and by concentrating the air you can improve ozone output in both volume and concentration by up to 5 fold.

By adding concentrated oxygen to either an oxygenation stream of an ozone generator, it creates a better transfer into the contact vessel, contact vessels do not need to be as big (as gas flow is reduced compared to use air) and under high pressures, there is no concern of nitrogen supersaturation.

Oxygen Concentrators

Invacare Oxygen Concentrators

Invacare oxygen concentrators are a robust option for small scale oxygen supply (up to 9lpm) in an affordable package.

Oxygen purity ranges for 87-96% across their range of output and are easy to clean to maintain.

Available in 5LPM and 9LPM outputs to suit most small to medium demands and for supplying ozone generators.

Available as an optional extra, Pure Aquatics now offer is an after market filtration upgrade for the suction side of the compressor that filters air to 1 micron, with much larger surface area. This improves service life and output of the oxygen concentrator for a small increase in cost.