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OC-1 media - A revolutionary product for sand filters

OC-1 sand filter media is a revolutionary new product for use in sand filters as a media replacement or as a new media. OC-1 sand filter media not only has far less (almost zero) pressure loss over time, but also has a huge dirt holding capacity. OC-1 sand filter media does something not a lot of other sinking medias used for sand filters can do, depth filtration, and because of this, you backwash the media less often, remove more dirt to a equivalent or finer micron size, all while not losing pressure and flow.

Due to the design of the media it has very low pressure loss across the filter bed. Not only does OC-1 have a massive dirt holding capacity, but the pressure loss is significantly less over time while the filter bed is loaded with solids.


  • 100% filtration of particles down to 25 micron
  • 81% filtration of particles below 10 microns
  • near zero pressure loss over time compared to sand filters – lower energy use
  • lightweight
  • over 20 times the dirt holding capacity of sand of glass
  • prevention of anoxic zones in the filter bed due to channeling being eliminated
  • can be applied at loading rates between 20m3/hr/m2-50m3/hr/m2 (optimum 20-24m3/hr/m2)
  • can be backwashed with the same pump at the same velocity, eliminating the need for an extra pump
  • Available to the Aquaculture industry through Pure Aquatics

OC-1 can be easily applied to existing system with some simple modifications to the laterals, and to new applications with the filters either coming equipped to take the OC-1, or made compatible through lateral modification.