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Low Profile PolyGeyser® Filters

The Low Profile Polygeyser allows a filter configuration that moves water using an air blower instead of a standard water pump, lowering power consumption and removing the need for expensive, mechanical equipment. Are you more interested in a standard water pump configuration? These filtration systems can move water via pump or airlift; the versatility of our airlift filters creates a customizable solution to fit your unique needs. These low profile filters are also suitable for water pumped configurations.

Smart, efficient designs that only remove concentrated solids (minimizing water loss and optimizing efficiency).

Like all of AST’s bead filters, AST Low Profile PolyGeyser filters provide both mechanical and biological filtration in one, single unit. Thanks to patented PolyGeyser technology, these filters offer automatic backwashing that minimizes water loss by removing ONLY concentrated solids (sludge).


Durable fiberglass construction, made in the U.S.A.

Low Profile PolyGeyser brochure