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High Profile Polygeyser Beadfilter

The new High Profile Polygeyser Beadfilter Filter (HPPG) is perfect for high volume applications from large aquatic life support systems to wastewater treatment and clarification. Capable of handling large volumes of water under pressure, these PolyGeyser filters gently backwash the media, multiple times a day, to maintain a healthy biofilm. The enhanced nitrification capacity makes this unit ideal for applications with high biofiltration needs.

PolyGeyser filter technology pneumatically backwashes the media regularly, without manual intervention, moving parts, or controllers. This filter provides both mechanical and biological filtration with extremely low water loss by recycling its backwash water and only removing sludge after it has concentrated in the sludge chamber.

This new design pairs the high pressure tolerance and flow rates attained in Propeller Bead® Filter models with the convenience and efficiency of a PolyGeyser. Now you can enjoy the ease of maintenance and save water with a PolyGeyser filter in high pressure applications.

High Profile PolyGeyser brochure