YSI Aquaculture continuous controllers

YSI Aquaculture continuous controllers for water quality and facility control The YSI Aquaculture continuous controllers range includes the

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Friction loss, plumbing and pump

Friction loss, plumbing design and pump selection in Aquaculture, a subject that often adds confusion and complexity to

Ozone use in Aquaculture –

Why consider Ozone use in Aquaculture? 150 times more powerful than chlorine. 3,500 times faster acting than chlorine.

Gareth Barber

At Pure Aquatics we are proud to welcome aboard our newest member of the team Gareth Barber  to

AST Bead filter Solutions –

AST Bead filter Solutions from Aquaculture Systems Technologies have long been the pioneers in bead filter design and

UV Sterilisers – What to

At Pure Aquatics, we have noticed several alarmingly undersized UV's being applied into the industry of late, and

Ryan Whicker

Ryan has a wealth of diverse experience that started with his upbringing in a family of builders on

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Lindsay Hopper – (M.App.Sci.Aqua)

Lindsay grew up in a small NSW country town on a dairy farm before heading on a path

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