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AST Bead filters – Bioclarifying aquaculture and wastewater filtration

Aquaculture Systems Technologies (AST) is the world leader in bead filter technology for recirculating aquaculture systems, ponds and wastewater.

Bead filters combine mechanical and biological filtration in one powerful unit, minimising footprint and maximising filtration power.

Rely on AST and Pure Aquatics for your water treatment needs

  • Bubble Bead filters for light loads
  • Propeller washed bead filters for intensive loads
  • Polygeysers for high waste and biological loads and Denitrification
  • Recirculating Polygeysers for high strength wastewater
Pure Aquatics – The Home of AST in Australia and New Zealand

Bubble Bead Filter

Propellor Washed Bead Filter

Polygeyser Bead Filter